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Park Right, Park Safe: Being able to park properly and safely is one of the most feared, yet most essential driving skills.  Parallel parking, on a hillside, even navigating parking garages, we go beyond the basics to teach you the techniques to park safely and accurately.

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Driving on the freeway and in heavy traffic is different from driving on residential or town streets. Expressways are designed to carry large volumes of traffic at high speeds.  This is why you need elevated driving knowledge, skills, and attitudes to drive safely on highways.

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Individual Driving Hours

We’ll design a package that specifically addresses your needs.

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If you're a mature or senior driver, it's probably been a while since you first learned the rules of the road. Refresh your memory with our PrimeTime drivers’ assessment.  So much has changed inside vehicles and under the hood, too.  We’re here to help you figure it out, and how you benefit from all these new technological features.

(Yes, we also miss the 8-track players!)

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