APC Driving Opens

APC Driving Opens Driver Education School in Old Lyme

July 9, 2018  – OLD LYME, CT – APC Driving is open at 19 Halls Road in Old Lyme, offering driver education programs for teens and adults, as well as advanced driver training.

The school is co-founded by Brent Thompson, who lives in Old Lyme, and Chris Robson, who has over 25 years of experience as a professional race car driver and instructor. Both men share lifelong passions for all things automotive.

“We’re taking a boutique approach to teaching people how to drive, with small classes, personalized assessments of their skills, abilities and confidence levels, and providing the training they need,” said Thompson. “Whether you’re first learning to drive, want to have a safer commute or simply like to drive, the skills that you can learn at APC Driving will help you achieve your goal.”

APC Driving is licensed by the State of Connecticut to teach the 8-hour Teen Drug and Alcohol and 30-hour Full Course classroom sessions for 16-17 year-olds, including the mandatory 2-hour Parent Class, as well as classes for 18-year-olds and adults seeking their Connecticut driver’s license.  These include behind the wheel training with a certified APC Driving instructor in an APC car.

The school also offers specialized training for new and licensed drivers to prepare them to drive on today’s roads.  Students can master their parallel and other parking challenges in PARK IT, hone their big-city driving skills in RUSH HOUR, or sign up for additional Individual Driving Hours.  APC Driving also offers PRIMETIME for mature or senior drivers and in-car training for anyone who needs help understanding all of the technologies in today’s cars.  The AUTO SELECT program helps people choose and purchase their vehicle.

Courses and training are described on APC Driving’s website, www.apcdriving.com, parents and students can see the class schedule and register online.  Classes are held Monday through Friday and the school offers flexible hours for in-car instruction.  APC Driving is open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm or call for an appointment.

APC Driving is a subsidiary of Accelerated Performance Coaching, LLC.