Good driver? Bad driver?

With the start of the new year, it’s a great time to look at the driver within/we are. Do we fall into the category of a “good driver” or “bad driver?” The automobile has never been safer so why are car crash fatalities at an all-time high?

In its simplest form, we all drive from Point A to Point B. An automobile provides drivers of all age’s freedom, enjoyment, and the ability to live our lives. So, what’s the culprit causing the increase in crashes? We can all think of several: speeding, driving while intoxicated/high, distractions, aggressive driving, running red lights/stop signs or lack of seatbelt usage. Is it simply a disregard for the rules of our roads? Obviously, these represent the “bad driver.”

What represents a “good driver?” To answer, let’s look at driver education today. Driving is a complex task that requires a foundation of core skills that need to be applied every day. A formal Driver Education program builds the all-important foundation for the future.  Driving is the most dangerous thing most of us will face on a daily basis. Countless rules and advice abound about safe driving, but all too often are quickly forgotten once behind the wheel. Situational awareness, being a defensive driver, a conservative driver, and an anticipatory driver are the fundamentals that represent a “good driver.”

However, most drivers today don’t recognize that the “good driver” fundamentals and driver education is ongoing for everyone, fluid, never static. Automobiles are constantly improving. Shouldn’t our driving from Point A to Point B as well? So, the next time you get behind the wheel of a car, take a moment to reflect on “good driver” or “bad driver.” Let’s all do our part to reverse the trend.

Enjoy the drive!